Detail your garden four times per year.

Enjoy year-round beauty.

Relish the affordability.

SeasonalGardener is perhaps XL’s most sought-after service.  Though the service is unique to the landscape industry and exclusive to XL Landscape, the idea is well, simple.  SeasonalGardener offers you high-end detail services on a seasonal basis and promotes plant vitality and a beautiful, care-free landscape, all while cutting costs and offering flexibility.

Far more superior than the ordinary maintenance service, SeasonalGardener is a hybrid service that pays extra special attention to your garden’s needs and offers customization so that you can enjoy a landscape that suits your style.  While the visits are usually quarterly, SeasonalGardener is fully scalable depending on your needs and can range from frequent visits throughout the year, to minimal visits, allowing you to work in the garden if you choose to do so.  It’s that simple.

Here are some of the services that are  included:

One-hour garden assessment
Professional shrub and tree trimming
Plant and lawn fertilization
Weed removal
Irrigation functionality checks
Water clock re-programming, according to SNWA
Seasonal lighting re-programming
Final yardscape clean-up