PlaySAFE™ is a unique tool designed to provide maintenance and safety management of  public facilities, commercial playgrounds, and outdoor environments.

Regular playground maintenance performed by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) comes with many benefits:

•    Lowers repairs costs
•    Reduces the likelihood of injuries
•    Ensures that your playground meets all safety standards
•    Reduces owner’s legal and financial exposure

Proactive care for commercial playgrounds not only prevents costly repairs and potential for injury but also extends the life of your investment for years to come.

PlaySAFE™ can be customized to each individual project needs to include safety audits, regularly scheduled inspections, ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacements.  In order to gain the full benefit of our unique service program, we recommend conducting inspections as regularly as possible, or enrolling in one of our Ongoing Service Plans which includes inspections.