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XL Landscape – simplysmartgardening™.

As a premium, full service landscape firm in Southern Nevada, XL Landscape is the first to develop signature services that surpass traditional landscape services.

Professional quarterly residential garden manicure services provides year-round beauty and vitality.

Expert commercial property landscape maintenance with emphasis on irrigation management and high-end detail services that promotes curbside appeal.

Water conservation program that features real-time, weather-based management and irrigation analysis to ultimately cut water usage and costs.

Expertly crafted stone veneer, pavers and masonry to enhance all living spaces – indoors and out.

Plant health care nurtures plants and trees to encourage beauty and longevity.

Tree care by licensed arborists ensure proper growth and protection to one the the largest landscape investments – your trees.

Parks & Playgrounds
Combining years of  landscape design and maintenance with its exclusive parks and playground division, XL is a single  source for park development.

Integration of nature into the design of recreational and playground environments that promotes curiosity, imagination and healthy activity.

Maintenance and safety management of public facilities, commercial playgrounds, and outdoor environments.

myScape iPhone App
Coming soon… an app that will allow you to experience any and all DIY landscape challenges.  Are you ready to dig in?