Turf Conversion

Water-Smart Landscape Designed to Fit Your Needs

Gone are the days of stark, desert landscapes, in fact, a landscape conversion doesn’t necessarily mean removing all your turf. XL incorporates artistic boulder and cobble design elements along with colorful, lush flora to enhance and upgrade your landscape. Furthermore, when you make the decision to convert your landscape, you’ll not only see savings on your water bill but you’ll also be taking an important step towards conserving resources for our community and environment.

XL Installs Your Commercial Turf Conversion At No Cost To You
On mature properties, XL has perfected the technique of installing commercial and HOA landscape conversions for the amount of the turf removal rebate check you’ll get from the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). Not only will you get a quality, lush XL landscape but you’ll also see huge water bill savings with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Big Savings Now and for Years to Come

The SNWA provides a rebate of $1.50 for each square foot of grass that XL replaces with water-efficient flora, plants and shrubs. That rebate pays for your beautiful, new, water smart landscape. Turf conversions provide an approximate water savings of $.20/square foot annually. That might not sound like much, but it translates into about $8,600 per acre.

Many commercial properties and HOAs have acres upon acres of turf, so even a partial removal will make a difference. Imagine being able to reduce your water bill by tens of thousands of dollars this year!

Beneficial and Hassle-Free

XL’s project team manages every aspect of a landscape conversion. From arranging the
pre-conversion site visit, to meeting the SNWA’s specific design and installation requirements, XL will manage the entire process, making your experience seamless and hassle-free. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy your new landscape and water bill savings.

You’ll even be able to see your projected water savings up front with a handy formula right on the plan. A XL Landscape Conversion not only saves you money, but also enhances and upgrades the overall experience of your outdoor location with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Contact us – we can start your commercial landscape conversion today.