Equestrian Ranch

2009 Nevada Chapter of Landscape Architects Merit Award Winner

Case Study: XL’s client knew just what she wanted her 5-acre lot in southern Las Vegas to become: a state-of-the-art equestrian ranch retreat in which to enjoy gatherings with her family and friends – and eight dogs and horses. The Vegas native made the initial drawings then turned to XL to help develop her western-themed vision.

The philosophy behind this design-build landscape was to create a dynamic yet functional design to accommodate the client’s outdoor-loving ranch lifestyle while working in harmony with the existing space. Lovers of wide open spaces, they didn’t want anything to obstruct the view of Red Rock to the west and the Las Vegas strip to the northeast. Additionally, the 5-acre-lot had distinct elevation differences, making managing drainage while providing interesting design aesthetic a challenge.

The solution: create a true river bed that meanders throughout the entire property that not only channels water but also serves as a distinct design element that defines the landscape’s lines. Along the riverbed, winding decorative granite paths, dramatic boulder formations and antique-looking bridges serve as focal points.

The property boasts an expansive horse corral and a barn for all the animals. The barn serves a dual purpose: inside it protects the animals and outside it serves as a shielding wind barrier for normally difficult to sustain citrus trees – Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange.

The clients wanted the lush look of a lawn without the cost of watering the amount of sod needed for the sizeable property. Artificial turf was installed throughout, accented by hardy, water-smart shrubs like lantana and India Hawthorne, while California Pepper trees flank the perimeter of the ranch.

The end result is a sprawling, relaxed, functional outdoor space where the clients can enjoy doing what they love most: working and playing at their equestrian ranch situated in the heart of their beloved Las Vegas.