Anthony Hunter, Chief Financial Officer

With a Master of Business Studies in Management, Anthony Hunter brings over fifteen years experience and hands on knowledge of accounting, management, sports administration, conceptual implementation and project management methodologies to his role as Chief Financial Officer at XL Landscape, Inc.

A native of Dunedin, New Zealand, his career began in accounting and after three years transitioned into working as a business, leisure and sports consultant. Over the next 12 years he was involved in a variety of different consultancy appointments which included government audits, home health care restructures, sports stadium formulation, prototype development, professional sports competition, formulation and launch.

Hunter’s background in the sports industry has led him to play and enjoy all sports, with a special interest in rugby. A seasoned rugby player, he has competed in over 100 premier matches within the college rugby circuit. Hunter also reached international honors when he played and coached the United States team that attended the 1999 and 2003 Touch World Cup in Sydney and Japan.

His love for rugby also extends to coaching. He has attained the highest level of coaching certification in New Zealand through the completion of his postgraduate sports diploma and coached a team every year from 1987 through 2004.

Anthony currently resides in Las Vegas with his wife of 13 years, Tracey and his two children, Flynn and Jazmyn.