Rave Reviews

XL Landscape is proud to share our rave reviews from our customers  –  simplysmartgardening™.

“My wife was pleasantly surprised to see how nice our yard looked (after SeasonalGardener service).  She didn’t know you guys were coming and we had the worst yard on the block.  I got home last night and could see the difference in the dark, but didn’t really get the full impact until I saw it this morning in the daylight.  Guys did great and exceeded our expectations!”
Daniel L., Homeowner

“I am overwhelmed by the whole concept.  The beauty of the design, the perfection of the workmanship, the professional attitude and most of all, the ability to complete the project so fast.”  
Clare W., Homeowner

“Something as simple and affordable as washing and sealing my driveway pavers made my home look so rich and inviting.  
Norma F., Homeowner

“You are wonderful!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our properties.”
Gwendolyn W., Harsch Investment Properties

I think you are all great.  You do good work, and we appreciate your attention to detail.”
Kim K., HOA Management

“The service and appearance you provide adds value to all our properties.”
Noeleen S., Prologis

“While watching the crew install some large trees, I observed much care in placing the boxes, stepping back, adjusting it several times and making sure the best angle was presented.” 
Bob S., Homeowner